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By Linda Holcomb-Bryant

Lampwork glass beads and fused glass


Welcome to my flamework and fused glass jewelry shop.

There are many different forms of glass art. Flamework or lampwork is the process of melting glass rods and stringers at a torch, where the temperature reaches 1500 degrees. The melted glass is wrapped around a stainless steel mandrel, that forms the bead hole. Decoration of stringer, gold and silver foil and wire can be applied during this process. Once the bead is made it is placed in the kiln for approximately 6-8 hours of annealing time.

The basic idea behind fused glass is that art objects can be created by melting glass inside a kiln. I take two or more pieces of glass that I place in the kiln and heat until they fuse together into a single piece. During this firing process, temperatures can reach up to 1465+ degrees Fahrenheit. After hours of annealing, I can open the kiln and it is like opening gifts at Christmas! Once the annealing process is completed, I then remove the pieces and take them to the grinder. This is where I shape and smooth any rough edges.

Once the pieces are all smooth, I place them back into the kiln for yet another fire. This is the "polishing" stage. This last fire also takes hours upon hours. Even though it is a very time consuming process, it is a very delightful experience .

Every piece is handmade and designed by me. I create all of my pieces in my studio with quality materials. They are properly fused and annealed for strength and durability.

Recent Feedback

Jan 16 2018

SALE Dichroic Fused Glass Barrette of Dark Aqua 3 inches in width 1 1/2 inch clasp

SALE Dichroic Fused Glass Barrette of Dark Aqua 3 inches in width 1 1/2 inch clasp

Jan 11 2018

Just as pictured; thank you!

Lampwork Focal Bead

Dec 18 2017

Fast shipping. Very well packed. Love the gift bag. Lovely glass construct!

Dichroic Fused Glass Pendant

Nov 22 2017

This is a beautiful piece that I purchased as a gift. I asked the giftee to look at Etsy and choose a barrette she liked as it was her choice for a gift but I didn't know her style. She chose this one and I couldn't be happier. Seller was very responsive to questions and very professional and expedient. I have "bookmarked" and made this a "favorite" Etsy shop and will be sure to visit her Etsy shop again for beautiful handmade items. Highly recommend.

SALE Fused Glass Barrette of Dark Blue 3 inches in width 1 1/2 inch clasp

Nov 14 2017

Excellent, very well made and beautiful!

SALE Fused Glass Pendant

Oct 27 2017

Very beautiful colored lampwork focal bead. Fast shipping.

RESERVED FOR JUDY Red and Blue Lampwork Glass Focal Bead

Sep 27 2017

Very artistic Lampwork art, this is a large focal bead with earth tone colors that are blended beautifully.

Purple & Green Lampwork Glass Focal Bead

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