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Monmouth, Oregon

About Linda Holcomb-Bryant

Linda Holcomb-Bryant

Creative parents and grandparents helped me learn a variety of crafts. I found that I am most passionate about glass, in all of its forms, color, texture, and design. Since 2004 I have become enamored with glass and enjoy every minute!

In 2004 I starting making beaded jewelry for myself, then family, then friends. I became aware of lampwork beads, and that was it for me! I had to buy every book on the subject and couldn't wait to get going at a torch. I am now fully entranced with glass and everything about it.

Most pieces turn out as planned, others are happy surprises. I totally enjoy the process of color, design, and the final product. I love the feel and look of the glass in the light.

My passion is to continue to learn and enjoy the process. Glass is beautiful!

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